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years and Bitcoin is now commonly viewed as a store of value, rather than a medium of exchange. Here, Litecoin has a distinct advantage. Using this solution, transactions sitting in the mempool awaiting confirmation are accepted as proof of payment, meaning the process takes seconds rather than minutes, and is one reason why Bitcoin Cash payments in particular are promoted as being a very fast. He went on to say: On Bitcoin, we did a user-activated soft fork and we added Segwit and that killed covert AsicBoost, and that makes mining fair. Its too early to tell, but certainly worth keeping an eye. Lees closing remarks included a statement on decentralization.

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Source: ml#3m, in the coffee shop scenario, waiting around for minutes is just not practical, which is why some vendors have accepted Zero Confirmation (0 Conf) transactions. But is there a silver lining for users who stick around? Moreover, Bitcoin Cash has a specific miners matter policy. The chart below shows that in the last 6 months the number of active addresses has fallen by around 30 for Litecoin and 35 for Bitcoin Cash. If you wanted to use one of these currencies to buy a cup of coffee, which would be better? Another measure of decentralization is to look at the node count. Despite this, shops use Visa because they trust the banking system to take care of them. Bitcoin Cash on the other hand is antagonistic to Bitcoin by design, and the acrimonious nature of its own hard-fork has done nothing but damage the brand it has been working hard to build. As might be expected in a prolonged bear market, the amount of activity on the Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash networks has been dwindling. While transactions using crypto are broadcast to the network almost instantly, confirming a transaction in a block takes longer: around.5 minutes for Litecoin and 10 minutes for Bitcoin Cash.

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