introducing broker agreement forex

transfer request, it is executed immediately without any delay. Will be changed to:.4.3 The Company may amend the terms of payment of the Partners remuneration by giving the Partner a five business days' prior notice in accordance with clause.3 of the Client Agreement. The Company shall pay the affiliate commissions from all trades made by the clients acquired by the IB partner, regardless of the fact whether the clients gained any profit or not. The Company reserves the right to take legal actions against the IB partner in the event the IB partner shall attempt to manipulate the Company and/or the Trading Platform and/or abuse the IB Program. In case if orders on the account of a referred client are detected violating gainsy general regulations, the rules of the bonus system; if commissions are charged from allegedly fraudulent accounts; or if clients are found using strategies aimed at deriving profit from affiliate commissions. Rights and obligations of the Company.1. To become an IB partner a client must:.5.1. Implement marketing and advertising campaigns directed towards the acquisition of new clients to the Company, provided that such events are legal in the country where they are held. Will be changed to:.1 Partners remuneration shall be paid to the Partners IB account every two hours for the closed orders made by the Clients referred by the Partner. The IB partner is prohibited from organizing monetary relations with clients (including receiving money, payment or banking cards, etc.). In such a case affiliate commission credited for this client will not be paid.

introducing broker agreement forex

Introducing broker agreement - Forex. Divisacapital - Qualification Requirements for Eligible Contract Participant qualification requirements FOR eligible contract participant THE foreign currency trading YOU ARE entering into IS NOT.

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The IB partner acknowledges that all clients acquired to the Company are the clients of hublot big bang bitcoin price the Company. Having an Introducing Broker (IB) account with xglobal Markets is ideal for partners who are interested in earning rebates on any clients they introduce. The IB partner is prohibited from using gainsy Brands in any way or manner whatsoever, including but not limited to the words gainsy spelled in any possible way (including with typos, spaces, signs, symbols or in any other way). From the moment the terms and conditions of the Agreement are accepted, the IB partner has a right to:.8.1. As a well proven business model, the IB program became one of the most successful and well paid schemes worldwide. Advertisement on websites content of which is contrary to current legislation, morality, public order, good faith or is defamatory, aggressive, obscene, offensive, violent or incites violence, racist or xenophobic, or in general which is illegal or violates a person's rights and/or physical and/or moral integrity. This Agreement is between Your Company (Your Company) whose office is located at and gain Capital Group, LLC, (gain Capital a Limited Liability Company formed under the laws of Delaware with an office located at 550 Hills Drive, Bedminster, NJ 07921). In case if the ID document appears to be a forgery, the Company shall be entitled to bring the IB partner to justice pursuant to the current legislation of the country where the ID document was issued. The Company shall open accounts for clients acquired by the IB partner.

Introducing broker agreement forex
introducing broker agreement forex