trezor bitcoin diamond fork

into the core wallet that all these coins come with. The main difference with Bitcoin Diamond is that they multiplied the supply. Bitcoin Diamond Telegram, website domain, the domain name was only registered on November 3rd anonymously. Main technical difference is that transactions are version 2, though version 1 is still accepted. Nobody really knows who the developers are but the code is relatively similar to Bitcoin Core, so theres not too much to worry about. Want to get curated Technical Bitcoin News? You can unsubscribe with one click. Version 12 requires that you put a block hash as the field right after version, which takes care of replay protection. The signing does use sighash_forkid, but not an actual fork number. It is a scam designed to steal your Bitcoins. Copy that to a usb stick or sd card and transfer that to the second, internet-connected machine and broadcast it there.

Its really just pure marketing. If we see the Telegram account of Bitcoin Diamond we see the words Welcome written in Chinese. The coin purportedly will have Lightning, zero-knowledge proofs and smart contracts, none of which I saw in their code repository. The team is anonymous, the anonymous developers Evey and 007 are ready to steal your money. We also see a screen shot dated November 18 which shows that BCD was traded against CNY before the snapshot date. Domain name was only registered on November 3rd anonymously, chinese exchange M is probably behind this scam. You will want to disconnect the machine from the internet at this point. If you had 1 BTC before block 495866, you now have 10 BCD. Again, its mostly Bitcoin Core code with a few modifications. Again, this is an odd way of doing replay protection as a perfectly good way that BTG and BCH pioneered is available, but such is the way of forks. Bitcoin Diamond Slack does not exist. Refute anyone who is asking exchanges to add this scam by pointing them to this article.

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