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volatility, maximum activity periods of a particular currency pair, as well as fundamental and technical factors affecting the movement of the instrument. Live Chat Leave feedback This website uses cookies to enhance your experience.

Buoyed by a no change in interest rates from the federal reserve yesterday evening. Australian Dollar, bahrain Dinar, canadian Dollar, china Yuan. Japanese Yen, kuwaiti Dinar, malaysian Ringgit, newZealand Dollar. Whilst many see this result as a positive for the single currency, it seems the result was priced in after opinion polls late last week suggested which way the vote would. Its name is an abbreviation of the English phrase "foreign exchange market (forex.

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There is a strong sense of anxiety around the markets today, not only in Foreign Exchange but also stocks and commodities. On Forex, online exchange rates are presented in the form of pairs so that the rate of one currency is expressed in the number of units of the other. At Forex Rate our aim is to provide as much free forex trading information as possible. Investors may see good numbers of non-agricultural jobs as a positive sign. Major currency pairs, online"s for all major Forex currency pairs. Update Live Forex buying and selling rates in seconds.

Forex rate pk
forex rate pk