9flats bitcoin payout

#5, originally Posted by littlekona 3pm may have been past cut off says its odds on its in your wallet. For me 24 hours for a BTC payout is not fast. Well its been over 24 hours and my wallet has not yet received the payout. Having said that, Bitcoin is still an experimental currency. This is important - they promised payout within 24 hours but failed. Accepting bitcoin is not only a good way for your business to consumer activity, but also for paying affiliates, especially if they are located in emerging bitcoin cfd trade markets such as Asia, South America, and Africa. 21 PM #1, betOnline claims bitcoin payouts "fast free". 9Flats CEO Stephan Uhrenbacher says: Regardless of whether the guest decides to pay their booking in Euro or Bitcoin, the host can choose if they want to receive payment in Bitcoin.

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The payout shows as "approved" in the BOL cashier. If you want to use a bank transfer, fees can be up to 50EUR if you are located in different countries. Taking into account the total number of bitcoins mined, the monetary base of the bitcoin network stands at over 1 billion. Hosts/owners who rent their properties on the service to travellers will also have the ability to receive their payments in Bitcoin. Settlement payments to affiliates are cheaper and faster when done in bitcoin. But the exchange rate is volatile, but its backers and supporters claim it is will stablise. 10 PM #2, every payout via btc i have done with them when site is up amd no blockchain issues has been well within the 24 hour window norammly about 12 hours. We are talking about a measly 3 figure (500) payout request made on a Wednesday in August.

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