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house. I want to start bidding the same time I expect theyre probably gonna go down another fifty or ninety percent and Ill be buying a little bit more all the way down. I stopped watching pre-season football, Im done with. Name the country, watch your currencies decline. What do you got? For example, you saw what happened in Zimbabwe, when they were getting rid of Mugabe, who had been running the joint since 1980.

gerald celente bitcoin

Well, Im Conservative, Ill pull the Republican lever. We see gold coming under more pressure even though we see interest rates coming up and most people are expecting. And the crypto markets will have their place, but again, the volatility's real, something we've been forecasting for quite some time and you can see it in the numbers. Obama was able to look into the camera with that arrogant attitude of his and folks, folks and Im doing this, folks, Im gonna close Guantanamo first day in office, folks, yeah you folks.

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I believe in holding gold as well. Belichick actually went on the radio yesterday and says he showed his players twenty five different videos of penalties of using your helmet, this is what you cant. A war against terrorism? Nancy out of her mind Pelosi. They keep putting out a story whether its on tariffs or trade or North Korea or whatever. Hard money continues to be overshadowed by crypto-money. It has nothing to do with it and thats what the mainstream media keeps doing each day.

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