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Bitcoin Revolution, if crypto currencies were regarded as assets, this would run counter to however Bitcoin Revolution is great the decision of the European Court of Justice from 2015, which Bitcoin classified as real money and even equated state currencies. Now a document has leaked out that could classify crypto currencies as assets rather than currencies. The capital gains tax is between 10 and 35 percent, depending on the type of capital income depending on Ethereum Code plus solidarity surcharge. For the private investor this would probably be a horror scenario, after crypto currencies were tax-free for years after a one-year holding period.

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Until 2009, shares were also tax-free for private investors after a one-year forex news rss feed free holding period. However, if shares were bought before 2009, these were considered to be old holdings at least until today and did not have to be taxed. The document states that digital currencies have no characteristics of state currencies and should therefore be considered as assets. Probably the digital currencies will then follow the regulations of securities. Nevertheless, they serve as means of payment and digital currencies are more than useful, especially for the online sector). As a result, digital currencies could be subject to capital gains tax. Authorities and committees misinterpret crypto currencies as currencies. Christina Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF also recently called crypto currencies crypto assets. For example, the capital gains tax is 20 percent for dividends, 30 percent for interest payments (so-called interest income tax) and 35 percent for table transactions. That was the tenor. However, this regulation has now been lifted for fund investors with long-term investments for amounts in excess of 100,000.