bitcointalk guide

adoption strategy. This is an example of a bounty manager post about running a bounty campaign. Bitcointalk, activity, activity is gained by making posts. Member 30 0, member 60 10, full member 120 100. One way is agreeing on payment based on milestones. Here to alert you of new verified Airdrops important crypto updates. If you post about other cryptos, your post will be removed. You will also need to pay them some fee as well as tokens to distribute. It is a form of marketing that is highly used. The first few question will be requests on bounties/airdrops as well as translation services.

Basically, when a user posts on their forum, your sign appears on their posts. The other user does so by using up the sMerit. Bitcointalk accounts with Merit Source enabled, receive Merits continuously. He paid for pizza worth 30 USD on may 22 2010 with 10,000 bitcoins! Others could be based on complete work done. Every post made generates 1 Activity. To receive daily updates on the latest airdrops, bitcoin miner bot telegram follow. Bitcointalk user to your post if it is interesting and useful. At least (full member and above). However, they are not advertised to avoid bugging them too much so for most people, we have no control over how to earn merits rather than posting engaging content that others view as worthwhile and deserving of merits.

The Bitcoin section is for strictly posting discussions regarding Bitcoin and not any other cryptocurrencies. However, there are few tactic you can use to get traction.