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ETF. If this filing is approved, Cboe will be allowed to list shares of a Bitcoin ETF. Bakkt Physical-Delivery BTC Futures: Early 2019, by the end of Q1 2019, the CME and cboe BTC futures wont be the only ones in the market. The SECs Division of Trading and Markets rejected applications from investment firms ProShares, Direxion and GraniteShares. If this happens, Bitcoin will be just a form of electronic money iphone app bitcoin wallet based on the outdated technology which would make it lose its users and intrinsic value.

Withdrawing the proposal stops the SEC from issuing another order saying the bitcoin markets arent ready for an ETF, he explained. They mentioned the application by SolidX /VanEck as one of the various applications awaiting verdict. After that, the first round of payments to creditors is planned to process as soon as possible though this may actually start sometime between May and June 2019. Predictions from various sources indicate that the approval may come sometime in 2019, terming the year as the more realist period for the expected development.

While the process seemed slow, there was some progress in that regard. As for the proposal presented by VanEck/SolidX, the SEC review date has been set for September, and theres a possibility that this date may be change. In the same conversation, van Eck explained that Cboe would be resubmitting the application when the government resumed its operations.

If the SEC were forced to deal with the proposal, they would sooner deny it than be put in a position where it is approved on a technicality, he explained. Denials, Delays, and Dilemmas: A Brief History of the SECs Bitcoin ETF apple bitcoin widget Saga. Although some major industry players dont really take a Bitcoin ETF as very necessary, theres a general consensus that its approval would likely trigger a short-term event and it could well fuel a bullish run. The, sEC stated, Among other things, the Exchange has offered no record evidence to demonstrate that bitcoin futures markets are markets of significant size. Thus its likely that institutional money isnt going to be rushing into the ETF once gets approved, but just act would serve as another method for one to gain exposure to Bitcoin. In August 5 2018, a report from the US Equity Research and written by Scott Suh andMichael Graham opined that the imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF was at the top of the agenda for the majority of institutions seeking to breaking into the new. Therefore, if Bitcoin gets regulated through the creation of an ETF what eventually comes down to crypto-exchanges control, complete KYC procedures for traders and investors and much more it will seize to serve its main purpose of censorship-free transfers of value. Bakkt, founded by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE operators of the New York Stock Exchange, has revised its expected launch date from January 24 to early 2019. I am grateful for the overwhelming support around the world. The US Government Shutdown Caused the Withdrawal of Cboes Application. Theres a huge first-mover advantage in the ETF worldOnce the assets come pouring in, it tends to continue. Bitcoin itself is permissionless and recently has been becoming more easy to acquire.

Bitcoin dates for at least, the first quarter of the new year.
Bakkt Physical-Delivery BTC Futures: Early 2019, by the end of Q1 2019, the CME and cboe BTC futures wont be the only ones in the market.
A bitcoin ETF and two new futures offerings are (tentatively) on the docket for 2019 here are the dates to keep an eye.

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